Anna Foundation

A Seed to Success

Our Impact

We are inspired by the Japanese Concept IKIGAI- referring to something that gives a person a sense of purpose, a reason for living that through raising their awareness level. in short time we are able to make positive changes in the lives of Rural India citizens by enhancing efficiency, effectiveness and impact of various state and national policies through Local Self Governance.

Namely in the filed of Education, Health, Environment, Finance-Technology and Rights awareness.

What we do

ANNA(अन्न ) is an innovative Program Implementation Organization created to improve the quality of policy implementation at grassroot level. Major objective is to eliminate the information asymmetry and an eco system where an ordinary citizen can take informed decision based on right facts and figures. Mostly work is done by various teams at grassroots level with the active participation of citizens. Teams Names along with priority areas are as follow----- Team Sanskar for Education Team Arogya for Health Team Kuber for Technology and Finance Team Kalptaru for Environment Team Nyay for Police and Judiciary related matter.

We Find

Young and Motivated citizens at Local self governance level who have energy to work for improving their living conditions. 

They have good understanding of their strength and weakness.


We Provide

Training of these local leaders with National and international best practices. 

we at ANNA have a research and analysis wing which compile all state and national schemes in regional languages. 


We Educate

Our guiding principles are:

Preamble of Indian Constitution.

Antyodaya Concept…Mahatama Gandhi and Deendayal Upadhya

What Can I Give, What can WE give?…Kalam Saheb

Reform, Perform and Transform…PM Modi

Knowledge based society and Art of Questioning….Rigveda


We Employ

ANNA means elder brother in Tamil Language, we are looking for College Students, young professional, volunteers and experienced senior citizens who can build a movement of leaders for 21st century India.