We are a Social Enterprise- different from traditional NGO. Ex- Sulabh Shauchalay, Lijjat Papad, Arvind Eyecare, Amul. The Govt is popularizing cooperatives in agriculture and other fields. Team ANNA, you can drive innovations in policy implementation with a bottom-up approach.

Team Sanskar (टीम संस्कार)

Work to be Done under this Team:

  • Students – Employability, No social skills
  • Parents – trust deficit, Economic losses
  • Teachers – No quality, No Social security, No union
  • Owners – Fee collection, New school opening

    Strategy to resolve the challenges:

    • Focus on English, Mathematics and Science
    • Board classes _ 8th, 10th, 12th
    • Examinations- Navodaya, Sainik/Millitary school, Olympiads.
    • Personality Development
    • Inter AND Intra School Competitions.
    • Teacher Training- Academic and Non Academic

TEAM Kalpataru (टीम कल्पतरु)

Work to be Done under this Team:

  • Heavy Planation Drive- Mansoon, Birth-Death Anniversary, Visit of VIP. Miyawaki Technology.
  • Creation of Green Corridors- Circular and along roads.
  • Naming Ceremony of Plants- at School/College, Individual/Family level.
  • Plants Gift at functions.
  • Animals- Gaushalas, Street Dogs, Birds. Special attentions during drought.
  • Special Sanitation Drives- Last Sunday of every Month, 26th Jan, 15 Aug and 2 Oct- Swachhta Pakhwads.
  • Waste Management- E-waste (Mobile Bank), Single use plastic campaign, Biomass gas and briquetting,
  • Save Water, Electricity Campaign.

TEAM Techno-Kuber (टीम टेक्नो –कुबेर)

Work to be Done Under This Team:

  • Technological Literacy:
  • Children- how to reduce misuse- screen time, conflicting values.
  • Old Age- Goggle, Maps, Social Media, Ola/Uber, Zomato/Swiggy, zoom meetings.
  • Micro Finance via Self Help Groups:
  • Habit of Saving and Investment- Children bank account-8th class.
  • Farmers and small business- awareness about Govt schemes, facilitated them for getting institutional credits.
  • Financial Inclusion-
  • 100% Bank account coverage and ensure uses of accounts.
  • Increasing Insurance penetration- Life and Accidental, Investment.
  • Collection of Best practices and share with beneficiaries.

Why one may become part of Team ANNA